IQ²’s Bike Pedal Power Meter

This exciting Kickstarter project is brought to you by IQ² is a-one-of-a-kind application. IQ² is offering a highly accurate pedal force sensor to record how much force a cyclist exerts on their bike petals. The Cycling Power Meter features capabilities like being waterproof, low power consumption, and compact design. The power meter is a measuring device that is placed onto the pedal of a race or mountain bike. The meter informs the cyclist (through a pedal force sensor in cycling applicationscomputer/app) how much force is being used while riding the bike. Having this information in real-time during the bike ride helps the cyclist to know how much power they are using. The force measurement information helps to improve both short and long term performance.

What’s Inside The Pedal Meter?

A force sensor (load cell) is fitted into the pedal power housing unit along with the battery and Bluetooth capabilities. The load cell is what allows the Power Meter to measure the force exerted on the pedal by the operator. The IQ² Power Meter is easy to install and can be quickly swapped between bikes. The device is also available in two units that track left and right leg power independently. It stays functional on dusty roads and is waterproof. The Power Meter is simply installed by screwing our in the device between the crank arm and pedal and is compatible with all race and mountain bikes.

Power meters are able to measure force because of the thin film strain gauge on the force sensor. This miniature sensor measures strain on an object or surface. When force is applied to the device, the object bends slightly, which changes the length of the gauge. This causes a measurable change in its electrical current, which is then calculated and sent as a power value by the meter. As a result of IQ² Pedal Power using a Strain Measurement Devices thin-film strain gauge, the device is highly reliable and accurate. All our thin-film strain gauge load cell sensors incorporated into the Pedal Power are engineered to be exactly the same when they come out of the production process. The thin-film technology is used in applications requiring high accuracy and extremely repeatable measurements, in such markets as medical, military and harsh environments.


This video explains the IQ² Pedal Power Meter


IQ2 Kickstarter Video from SonicPicnic on Vimeo.

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