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Agricultural Drones: Helping Modern Farmers

Liquid Level Sensors For Drones In Agriculture  Drones are not a new technology, while early use came from assisting with military operations, these lightweight, remote controlled devices are now being used for a number of capabilities – from basic hobby-grade …
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Veterinary Application

Veterinary Scales

Custom Scales For Veterinary Hospitals Market: Agriculture | Product Line: Load Cells Application:  Used with a wide variety of veterinary instruments and scales for the testing of animal’s health. Customer Challenge: In need of a scale resistant to off center …
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Industrial Moisture Content Application

Moisture Content Sensor

Custom Sensors to Monitor Moisture In Agriculture   Market: Agricultural | Product Line: Load Cells Application:  The Moisture Content Sensor is used to determine moisture contained in items through the use of a scale. Customer Challenge: In need of a customized …
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