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Our Green Facility

Completed in 2008, SMD’s corporate headquarters in Wallingford, CT, USA was designed and built to serve as a role model for corporate eco- friendly construction.

Structure and Geothermal System

The building has one of Connecticut’s largest industrial geothermal heating and cooling systems and is highly insulated. 

With double insulated, inert gas filled picture windows and skylights, every employee has sunlight and a natural view from their work space.  SMD’s employees participate in energy efficient manufacturing and building use practices.  For more information on SMD’s sourcing and manufacturing practices, please see Environmental and Social Responsibility.


SMD, Inc.’s building is sited on old farmland, with apple trees, forest, and a gorge.  In the fall, employees make cider with some apples from the orchard with an antique cider press.  Employees also keep bees and harvest their honey. The site’s impervious surface coverage is limited to just over 10 per cent, and cut grass is minimal.  Much of the site is either forest or a meadow mix of wildflowers and tall grasses, cut biannually. 

Water Management

The site plan minimized impervious surface to just over 10% of the surface area.  Roof runoff is stored in a storm water cistern and joins with runoff from the parking lot to feed the man-made wetland in front of the building.  This water is buffered and treated by indigenous plants in the wetland, and then flows into a small man-made pond capable of retaining a 100 year flood event.  This system prevents flooding and downstream erosion, and improves water quality in the gorge stream.


Environmentally friendly design practices have allowed the land to remain a natural habitat for diverse species.  Employees have enjoyed watching woodchucks, turkeys, robins, and rabbits on the orchard lawn; herons and frogs in the wetland; deer, cardinals, and hawks in the forest; and hummingbirds, woodpeckers, chickadees, grosbeaks, nuthatches, jays, and titmice at bird feeders overlooking the gorge.

Smd's corporate headquarters was built in partnership with the Connecticut Department of Economic & Community Development and the City of Wallingford.

Design Architecture: David Kilgore

Geothermal Design: John Sima

Site Planning: Criscuolo Engineering

Construction: Pinney Construction Corporation

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