Miniature Load Cells, Strain Gauge Sensors, Force Sensors, Pressure Sensors - Strain Measurement Devices
Strain Measurement Devices - Miniature Load Cells, Strain Gauge Sensors, Force Sensors, Pressure Sensors
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Custom Load Cells, Mini Strain Gauge Sensors, Micro Force Sensors, Subminiature Pressure Sensors - Strain Measurement Devices

Load Cell and Strain Gauge Sensors

Strain Measurement Devices is a world leader in specialty sensor designs. The company develops miniature load cells, strain gauge sensors, and electronic flow measuring sensors for a variety of products. SMD load cells are used in a wide variety of medical, industrial, aerospace and other OEM applications. Custom sensors include medical sensors, non-invasive pressure sensors, occlusion sensors, non-invasive flow sensors, force sensors, scales, miniature load cells, low capacity load cells, liquid level sensors, float switches and pressure transducers of many types.

SMD pressure transducers are used in high accuracy and reliability applications such as medical devices, pressure calibrators, and undersea oil production applications. Technology includes leading edge thin-film strain gage, bonded strain gage, silicon strain gage, ultrasonic sensing, and a variety of hermetically sealed switching sensors. Thin Film technology offers unmatched long term stability, minimal power consumption, and miniaturization capability versus other sensor technologies. Strain Measurement Devices can package your transducer with custom and semi-custom ASICs to provide outputs of millivolts, Volts, 4-20mA, and digital outputs of various protocols including I2C, SPI. Wireless options are also available, including Zigbee protocol.

SMD supplies leading edge sensor technology offering superior stability, temperature performance, lower power consumption, and flexibility of design. The company's engineering and development staffs support product design, shorten development cycles, and provide production-engineered solutions.  Strain Measurement Devices: Sensing the Need and Delivering.

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